Tiffany FitzPatrick offers readings through tarot, osteomancy (throwing bones), and mediumship. She has read intuitively for more than 17YRs, practiced her eclectic spellcraft for more than 22YRs, and has continued to strengthen her skills as a psychic medium all her life. She is foremost strategy based with step-by-step instructions, and frequently interweaves coding, soul contract edits, timeline shifts, and energy healings within her readings. She feels blessed to act as a catalyst and conduit for messages you’re called to receive with the protections and intentions for your best and highest good. While Tiffany feels confident she can guide you along your path, she cannot walk it for you.. and above all, she advocates free will. Tiffany not only reads virtually and internationally, but continues to read intuitively while traveling for a multitude of festivals, and as an invited guest for special events.

Tiffany divines intuitively & mentors developing witches and psychics within the Magick pillar of her wraparound business as the Foundational Strategist. In the pursuit of guiding others to feel balanced between the physical & spiritual realms, she also strategizes Money & Mindset as a federally licensed financial expert and trauma informed shadow work guide. Beneath each unique skillset she is a strategist, the Foundational Strategist, as she utilizes her diverse expertise in the pillars of Money, Mindset, & Magick to help others help themselves strengthen their personal foundations for the purpose of creating confidence in transitioning from surviving to thriving. Tiffany feels poised in mentoring through this desired transition because she inspires from a mark of relatability to overcoming her own multifaceted adversities.

At our Grand Opening event, Tiffany will be available for complimentary 30 minute sessions.  If you would like to schedule your session in advance, or would like to schedule a private 1 hour session on Friday or Saturday (for a fee), contact Tim at (407) 927-7765 or