Portrait Room (Queen Bed)

Sleeping under the watchful eye of someone close to you can ensure a very restful night’s sleep. But sleeping under the watchful eyes of numerous people – some living, some who have passed – is a sure way to make sure your stay in bed is creepily comfortable and eerily restful.

Our Portrait Room features a Queen size bed, end tables, a large dressing mirror, a unique shaving stand and a private, elegant bathroom with a large, beautiful shower and antique vanity. Some believe that when your portrait is taken a piece of your soul lingers in the captured memory. Are these historic (and some not so historic) photos simply moments in time enshrined by a photographer’s lens, or are they something more?

That’s for you to determine as you rest in this room complete with a comfortable chair and lamp and multiple windows overlooking the front of the home and the quiet street out front.


The beautiful and private bathroom includes a standing shower, antique vanity and décor specific to the room’s theme. Picture yourself here for a night or more, and know that the peering eyes of the Portrait Room’s subjects will watch over you throughout your stay.