The Dunnellon Train Depot opened in 1908 as part of the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad and today serves as a community ecent space in rural Florida. But it’s past seems to still connect to present day in the form of a boy’s spirit, who investigators say perished under the depot loading dock and still makes himself known today. Psychic Orion Michael shares his experience with the depot and the young boy, who he said likely perished in 1912.

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For months I had heard about the Dunnellon Train Depot. This historic location that once served as a major connection to the rural “boom town” of Dunnellon opened in 1908 and transported goods, services, passengers and phosphate into the 1960s, before the railroads slowly shifted away from passengers and focused just on freight.

The depot was suggested as a subject for a podcast by a friend of mine, Noreen, who is a psychic medium with a connection to the metaphysical world unlike any I’ve seen before. She shared that her grandson, Orion, had investigated the building and had a unique experience to share.

I was intrigued but wasn’t able to connect with Orion until I actually visited the depot in February 2024. Phantom History House, the Bed & Breakfast I run with my husband Tim, was invited to participate in a psychic fair as a vendor. We were among 14 or so vendors to spend the day in this historic building, which oozed an energy that gave credit to it’s haunted reputation.

I met Orion briefly before the event began. But it was after the fair ended that I really got a chance to talk with him and he shared the story of the spirit of a young boy he connected with during his investigation there. I immediately worked to get him on my calendar so we could talk, in depth, about his experience and how he managed to tie into a young boy who had likely perished more than 100 years earlier.

This episode was such a fun one to put together and gave me a new twist and angle for storytelling. It’s less scary and more sweet, than most episodes, since Orion and the young spirit seem to have a deep connection that impacted both of their existences.

I hope you enjoy this episode and if you are ever in Dunnellon, visit the Train Depot. There are constantly community events happening there and the small but thorough museum gives you a glimpse back into “Old Florida” in a truly unique way.

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