In the 1920s, the town Williamson West Virginia celebrated the opening of its hospital, which sat atop a hill overlooking the city. Today, nearly a century later, the building is abandoned, but serves as a tourist attraction and hot spot for paranormal investigations. Tonya Webb, one of the owners of the hospital, shares her personal paranormal experiences in the expansive building as well as the history around the rural town’s most imposing feature.

What roams the halls of the building today? Some say its former patients who died in the building and others thing doctors and nurses of the past are still doing their rounds.   Tonya believes it’s a mix of both, and there are many other spirits yet to be discovered and identified.

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The Inspiration Behind The Episode


When I stumbled across the Hospital on Old College Hill’s website, I was immediately captivated by the drone footage of this beautiful building. Not only does it look haunted, but it looks historic and sits atop a hill that overlooks a quaint town in rural West Virginia.

I immediately wanted to know more about the building and sent an email. To my pleasant surprise, Tonya Webb, one of the owners of the 95 year old building, contacted me almost immediately and agreed to share her experiences in the building and its storied history.

There is just something about a hospital that captures the imagination. It’s a site of trauma, death, celebration, birth and stress. Almost every emotion you can imagine is felt within the walls of a hospital and to get a chance to explore an abandoned one only comes along once in a great while.

Probably the most fascinating thing for me in this episode and interview with Tonya was not the large number of paranormal experiences people have had here, but that Tonya was actually born in the hospital she now owns. It’s an experience I can’t even imagine … walking through the building where one was born has to be surreal.

I hope you enjoy this episode and get a chance to see it for yourself. Check out the website at and follow the hospital on social media.

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