The Tatum-Rawls house is an exact representation of life in 1880s Florida and is part of an educational and nature preserve in Sarasota County. While the two-story building has been relocated, it still maintains its original form and has been furnished with era-specific antiques to offer a full picture of pioneer life in the Sunshine State. Paranormal investigators believe that several of the home’s original inhabitants are still calling the building home, and they made themselves known during an investigation there in the fall of 2022.
Phelan Paranormal shares their experience in one of Florida’s original homesteads that is still open to the public.

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As a Floridian, I’m always amazed by the number of historic sites that are spread throughout the state. We’re not a state that particularly celebrates the past, so when I find a historic location that is new to me, I get excited to learn all I can about it.

Tiffany and Ryan Phelan of Phelan Paranormal introduced me to the Tatum-Rawls House after we had a brief discussion on Facebook. I am part of several paranormal Facebook groups and I happened to see some of their investigations posted online. When I reached out, they were more than willing to share their thoughts on some historical locations, namely the Tatum-Rawls House in Sarasota County.

The 1889 building was relocated and is staged to look exactly how it would have shortly after construction. The two-story building isn’t large, but it represents the pioneer lifestyle of early Floridians who were drawn to the state for its subtropical weather rather than its theme parks and attractions.

Chatting with Ryan and Tiffany gave me a new appreciation for “old Florida” and the Tatum House is now officially on my lists of places to visit in the next year. After all, it’s only about 2 hours away from the Phantom History House.

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