Randolph Asylum has sat abandoned for years, but its tales of murders, suicides and abandonment have made it a target for paranormal investigators throughout the Midwest. In this episode, the women of Indiana Lost Souls share their experiences in the 50,000 square foot building and talk about the evidence they collected that they say prove the past residents … and more … still roam the vast hallways.

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The Inspiration Behind The Episode


In late summer 2022, I took a trip to Indianapolis with my partner and while researching things to do, I stumbled across a Paranormal Day event at the Historic Hannah House.

While circulating through the booths, I found Indiana Lost Souls, and Brooke, Judy and Marsha were behind the table greeting people. We had an amazing conversation and exchanged information. When I returned to Florida, they were one of the first interviews I did to capture the haunted history of the Indianapolis area.

This podcast came out in January 2023. I did this interview in September 2022. The reason for the delay? Hurricanes and a massive relocation (unrelated).

A few days before my interview with Judy, Marsha and Brooke, we purchased and moved into a home here in Tampa that has since been converted to the Phantom History House Bed & Breakfast. A few days after the interview, we prepped our new home for the impending hurricane that was Ian.

After days of sandbagging and making sure valuables were safely stowed away in case of wind or flood damage, I am happy to say that the hurricane, for the most part, missed us. The house was standing after it passed and, while we feel for our neighbors to the south, we escaped unscathed.

A month later, Hurricane Nicole brushed us from the north. Again, we were unscathed.

Throughout that, and the design and construction of the B&B, I knew I wanted to share the story of Randolph Asylum and, thanks to the women of Indiana Lost Souls, I’m finally able to do that.

Their tales of apparitions, smells and take on the history of the massive building were amazing to hear, and I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I enjoyed putting it together.

In the bonus content, you’ll also hear about their investigation at the Indiana State Sanatorium and their individual experiences encountering spirits as children.

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