In a rural area of California sits a building atop a hill that resembles a castle. The Preston School of Industry was a proposed as a reform school and was used to house wards, or minors under the guardianship of the state.

Today the building is a historic landmark and according to historians, volunteers and paranormal investigators, some of the spirits of the boys who were housed there, and a few employees, are still roaming the halls. Investigator Connie Brenner and administrator Sybil Griffith share some of their paranormal experiences in the historic landmark.

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Preston Castle is one of those locations that call to you when you see a photo. And that’s exactly what happened when I stumbled across this building during some recent research.

Preston Castle was built in the 1890s and served as a boys home of sorts until 1960. It was meant to offer structure to young boys and young men who did not have a stable home life, but eventually found itself as a place to rehabilitate those who were on a criminal path.

Conditions weren’t always perfect and reports of abuse and harsh conditions permeated into the public consciousness, even though Preston Castle sat atop a remote hill not too far from Folsom, California.

When I reached out to learn more about this building, Sybil Griffith contact me back, sharing that she was part of the administration there and had some historical context to share. She connected me to Connie Brenner, a lead paranormal investigator, who also agreed to talk to me about the evidence she’s uncovered there of mischevious and depressed spirits still lingering there.

I hope you enjoy learning about Preston Castle as much as I did, and if you’re ever in Ione, California, book a historic or paranormal tour. Money raised goes toward refurbishing this historic landmark!

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