The Old South Pittsburg Hospital in rural Tennessee is considered by many to be the most haunted location in the state. It was founded in the 1950s and served the community for nearly 40 years before it slowly shut its doors and sent its remaining patients to nearby Chattanooga. After sitting quietly for several years, Ronne D, a paranormal investigator from Chicago, investigated and then purchased the building and has turned it into the Old South Pittsburg Hospital Paranormal Research Center (OSPHPRC) and regularly conducts investigations and tours while collecting evidence of paranormal activity. Ronne D and paranormal investigator Steve Nelson both share their stories of paranormal encounters in this episode and discuss who…or what…still haunts the historic location in the Tennessee foothills.

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The Inspiration Behind The Episode


When I put out a call on social media for ideas for season 4 of Phantom History, I wasn’t sure who would respond and what locations would come up.

I was thrilled when the very first email I received came from Steve Nelson, a paranormal investigator living on the east coast of Florida. He messaged me through Facebook and shared some details about an investigation he conducted in 2015 at the Old South Pittsburg Hospital in Tennessee, a location I had not yet heard about.

According to Steve, the location was one of the most haunted buildings in that state and his investigation there produced a mound of evidence that ranged from orbs and voices to full bodied apparitions.

Of course, I asked to speak with him and learned that not only did he investigate the building, he has investigate St. Augustine and has even improved upon ghost hunting equipment.

After our conversation, I wanted to learn more about the hospital itself. I took a chance and emailed the Old South Pittsburg Hospital Paranormal Research Center (OSPHPRC) and within minutes I had a response back confirming an interview.

Ronne D, the owner of OSPHPRC, agreed to chat with me and I was amazed at how honest, forthcoming and friendly he was. He is a paranormal enthusiast in the best possible way. He wants to find evidence of paranormal activity and he wants to share those findings with the world.

Listening to him and watching him share his stories was a literal joy. You can see how much he loves the building, its history and its ghosts with every tale he tells. He’s taking care of the building and ensuring that everyone remembers why it was built, who it served and why it was so important to the community of South Pittsburg, Tennessee.

I learned a lot during this episode and also heard some of the best ghost stories to date during these interviews. I hope you take time to not only listen to the episode, but to listen to the full interviews with both Ronne and Steve. They’re fascinating guys with some amazing stories.

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