As a child growing up in Ohio, John lived in a rural area with his parents and siblings. But at a young age, he knew there were others living among his family. Strange sounds, opening doors and even a pair of glowing eyes all convinced him that his family wasn’t alone. When it was discovered years later that the bodies of a long-dead Native American tribe were buried on the property, he finally knew why his home was never at peace.

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The Inspiration Behind The Episode


I don’t believe in coincidences. We meet the people in our lives when we are supposed to meet them, and that’s exactly how this two-part episode about growing up on a Native American burial ground came to be.

A friend of a friend learned about Phantom History in its early days and said he knew someone I should speak with. I was connected within days and felt fortunate that someone was so willing to share his experiences with me.

This is the first episode I did that focused on an area outside of Florida, the state I call home. But history is everywhere, and so are hauntings. So I didn’t hesitate to learn more about John’s experiences.

John, who grew up in rural Ohio, told me he has lived with spirits his entire life and we covered it all, from those childhood experiences in a very active home to his life to his experiences living in a haunted home in Sandusky, Ohio, a place I just so happened to visit regularly in 2018 and 2019. While I wasn’t able to go inside his former haunted home, I was able to see it and take some photos for myself.

The home I was able to see is unassuming and looks like it belongs perfectly in the historic neighborhood in this city mostly known for the Cedar Point amusement park.  But then again, most homes with a spiritual past look just like everyone else’s home – there just seems to be someone or something there that still has a story to tell.

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