The Historic Old Scott County Jail first opened its doors in 1904 and served the people of Scott County Tennessee for 104 years. The three-story housed everyone from the drunk and disorderly to murderers. During its century-long life span it saw suicides, mob hangings and even a fire that inspired the third floor.

Today the building stands as a museum and center for paranormal research thanks to Miranda Young and Kristy Sumner, two paranormal investigators with a love of history. The building they open to tours and investigations is teeming with paranormal activity, and both women answered questions and shared their paranormal experiences with me for this episode of the podcast.

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The Inspiration Behind The Episode


While looking for podcast ideas on social media, I stumbled across the Old Scott County Historic Jail page on Facebook. The constant flow of paranormal investigation teams featured on the page made me take notice. It was obvious that this was a building that investigators wanted to explore.

When I reach out to historic locations to gauge interest for a podcast interview, I don’t always hear back. Even multiple emails or messages on social media can go unanswered.

But that was not the case with Old Scott County Historic Jail. Dr. Kristy Sumner responded almost immediately to my request for an interview and I was blown away by not only her paranormal investigation background, but her knowledge of history. She encouraged me to connect with her business partner, Miranda Young, to include her in the episode as well.

I did, and am so thankful for that. Miranda is from Huntsville, Tennessee and has personal experience with this historic building and was one of the first investigators to walk through the building after it was decommissioned.

Miranda and Kristy are the type of paranormal enthusiasts I really enjoy working with. They research the building, know the people behind the alleged hauntings and work to bridge the past and the paranormal.

There are so many places on my “bucket list” of haunted locations to visit and this one is at the top of my list. I hope to get there soon to not only see the building with my own eyes, but to meet these two incredible women who brought it back to life and are sharing its history and paranormal life with the rest of the world.

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