For nearly 70 years, Cresson Sanatorium served Pennsylvania as a tuberculosis hospital, a ward for the developmentally disabled and as a prison for a wide variety of criminals. Today the 400-plus acres upon which the former institution rests is a hot spot for paranormal investigators, including Barry Merwin, of Unfortunate Travels. In this episode Barry shares his experiences while investigating the massive complex over two nights. For him there’s no doubt that the building still harbors memories of its past.

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The Inspiration Behind The Episode


When I met Barry Merwin, it was during a Paranormal Festival in Indianapolis, Indiana upon which I happened to stumble. He and members of his team were at a booth and during our conversation he mentioned his experiences as a paranormal investigator. I knew immediately that I wanted to interview him about his experiences.

It took nearly a year for us to coordinate our schedules, but when we did finally connect, he wanted to share his experiences at Cresson Sanatorium, a facility with which I was unfamiliar. In preparation for our conversation, I learned that the facility was originally built as a tuberculosis hospital and eventually converted into a prison. I knew its background was perfect for a paranormal podcast.

Barry was kind enough to share some of what he encountered during his two nights investigating the Sanatorium and said he is ready to go back to continue learning more about the spirits and entities he says are within almost every building. Hopefully he’ll get a chance to go back, and when he does, I hope to learn about what other paranormal discoveries he makes along the way.

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