In 1970,  Andrews Memorial Chapel was physically split in two and moved one mile north to its new home in Dunedin Florida. The original building, constructed in 1888, is in tact today, but may have spirits of its past connected to it. According to the paranormal investigative team Silent Slayer Tours, and the chapel’s event coordinator, there are plenty of spirits in the old church to keep visitors on their toes.

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Just before Christmas 2022, Phantom History was invited by Silent Slayer Tours to investigate Andrews Memorial Chapel, a wedding and event venue in Dunedin, Fla.

The historic monument was relocated to its current home in Hammock Park in 1970 after it was physically sliced in two and moved a mile from its original home downtown.

During the investigation I got to witness several investigative techniques, including the Estes Method of communicating, the use of cat toys to detect spirits and the Portal, a super charged spirit box that investigators use to detect voices from the other side.

I met Silent Slayer through Vic Chewning, an expert in Electronic Voice Phenomena who I interviewed in 2018 for the podcast episode focused on Phillippe Park in Safety Harbor, Florida. We’ve remained in touch since that interview and he is always passing my information along to investigative groups and business owners who specialize in the paranormal. I couldn’t be more grateful to him.

This episode was very personal, since I was actually in attendance at one of the investigations. And, I can safely say that while the location is haunted, the spirits there seem to be content and not malevolent. Definitely a good starter investigation for me, and for anyone else looking to dip their toes into this world of ghost hunting.

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