Elevate your stay with these experiences:

Contact us and let us know which of these add-ons you are interested in.  Book as early as possible for the best chance of having the experience available for your stay.

Readings with a Psychic Medium

If you are intersted in some spiritual guidance from an intuitive, consider a visit with a psychic medium duirng your stay. Our network of psychics and mediums use tarot cards, bones, crystal balls and more to offer insight and tools to evaluate and improve your life.

We can make a psychic medium available to do individual readings with interested members of your party.  Sessions can range from 15 minutes to an hour or more and can include tarot cards, bones, crystal ball, past lives, and more.

Group Reading with a Psychic Medium

If you are looking for a unique shared experience with your group, consider a collective reading with a psychic medium. Celebrate your birthday party, friends weekend, or family getaway with a reading that involves everyone in your party.  This could take the form of a “group regression” or an experience with tarot cards with a “most need to know” reading session as a group.

Ghost Stories by the Fire

Everyone has a favorite ghost story! Now is your chance to share your paranormal experiences in a safe, inlusive and fun environment. Get comfortable and gather by the fire to listen to and share stories with your host and podcaster Steve Blanchard. He will lead your group through a thrilling and chilling discussion of historic encounters and personal experiences.  Coffee, hot chocolate, baked treats, and other drinks can be made available upon request. LEARN MORE

Ghost Tours

History is all around us, and accompanying that history are the ghosts of the past who sometimes make themselves known. Learn more about the history of our area with a tour of haunted locations that include personal stories, their historic context and explanations of why some say these spirits are still lingering among us. Steve leads tours of nearby Oldsmar, downtown Tampa and historic Ybor City.  Contact us to find out more and book your tour. LEARN MORE

Massage Therapy

Enjoy a 90 minute massage at Phantom History House with licensed massage therapist Chuck Henson.  Slow down and get your Soul enriched in the comfort of your room.  Chuck offers Swedish Relaxation & Abdominal, Sports, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Myofascial Release, Lymphatic Drainage, Glades, Cupping, and Joint Mobility.  60 minute massage available upon request.

Host YOUR Event!

Customize your own event and celebration by utilizing the many unique spaces at Phantom History House. If you can imagine it, we can likely host it. Birthday parties, book club gatherings, wine tastings — all with a paranormal and victorian backdrop unlike any other.  SEE OUR EVENT SPACES to view all the spaces available!

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Event Space Elegant Dining Room Phantom History House Bed and Breakfast Paranormal Accomodations Tampa Bay Florida