Conjuring Phantom History Episodes

Conjuring Phantom History Episodes2024-01-23T23:08:38-05:00

26. Healing With Sound

Glori of Glorify Sound demonstrates her quartz crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, gongs, and other tools.

16. How Their Journeys Began

Shay and Michael share their histories in the paranormal world and we meet Alex, one of their talented readers and team members.

15. How The Magic Works

We give you an inside look at "how the magic works."  Shay and Michael of Third Eye Creations Store explain the process and concepts behind their work making candles [...]

14. Interview with John Demas

Tim talks with classical guitarist John Demas who will be performing live at the Phantom History House Masquerade Party on Oct. 14, 2023.  Purchase your Tickets soon as space [...]

13. Interview with Psychic Medium Stevie

Steve talks with Psychic Medium Stevie Bryant at a psychic fair in Ocala. Stevie explains the many interesting tools that she uses during readings, including runes and astrodice. You [...]

12. Interview with Psychic Medium Noreen

Steve talks with Psychic Medium Noreen at a psychic fair in Ocala.  Noreen has been doing readings her entire life and shares not only her process during readings but [...]

11. Third Eye Creations Store Grand Opening

Third Eye Creations, famous for their hand made candles, has a new store in Holiday, FL.  A place for education and inspiration, Third Eye Creations Store can supply you [...]

10. Cresson Sanatorium Full Interview

For nearly 70 years, Cresson Sanatorium served Pennsylvania as a tuberculosis hospital, a ward for the developmentally disabled and as a prison for a wide variety of criminals. Today [...]

9. Meet Salem Witch Brian Kovalski

Salem Massachusetts witch Brian Kovalski regularly offers tarot card readings, past lives experiences and more to guests at Phantom History House. He’s also ran several seances in our dining [...]

7. Investigating the SS American Victory Ship

Steve and Tim discuss Steve's recent paranormal investigation of the SS American Victory ship. Steve joined Phelan Paranormal on a paranormal investigation of the merchant marine ship launched in [...]

6: The Ruins of Dupree Gardens

Off a rural road in Pasco County Florida sits what remains of a once-thriving grand botanical garden created by William Dupree. This Tampa Bay Attorney created this roadside tropical attraction in [...]

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