June 2023

Basin Park Hotel


The Basin Park Hotel serves as a luxury getaway for people in northern Arkansas, its surrounding areas and from throughout the country. The large building dates to 1905 and gets its name from the natural spring nearby that some believed had healing powers. It could be the spirits of some of those looking for [...]

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May 2023

Spookeasy Lounge


The building that houses the Spookeasy Lounge in Ybor City, Tampa Florida’s historic district, started its life as a church. More specifically, it was a church that worked directly with Cuban immigrants that came to Tampa to work in its cigar factories. The building on 15th street has seen many occupants over the years [...]

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Old South Pittsburg Hospital


The Old South Pittsburg Hospital in rural Tennessee is considered by many to be the most haunted location in the state. It was founded in the 1950s and served the community for nearly 40 years before it slowly shut its doors and sent its remaining patients to nearby Chattanooga. After sitting quietly for several [...]

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March 2023

Tatum House


The Tatum-Rawls house is an exact representation of life in 1880s Florida and is part of an educational and nature preserve in Sarasota County. While the two-story building has been relocated, it still maintains its original form and has been furnished with era-specific antiques to offer a full picture of pioneer life in the [...]

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February 2023

Andrews Memorial Chapel


In 1970,  Andrews Memorial Chapel was physically split in two and moved one mile north to its new home in Dunedin Florida. The original building, constructed in 1888, is in tact today, but may have spirits of its past connected to it. According to the paranormal investigative team Silent Slayer Tours, and the chapel's [...]

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January 2023

Randolph Asylum


Randolph Asylum has sat abandoned for years, but its tales of murders, suicides and abandonment have made it a target for paranormal investigators throughout the Midwest. In this episode, the women of Indiana Lost Souls share their experiences in the 50,000 square foot building and talk about the evidence they collected that they say [...]

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September 2022

Hacienda Hotel


The Hacienda Hotel in New Port Richey, Fla., is a Mediterranean-style pink hotel dating back to 1927. While the venue has been recently renovated and returned to its former glory and is again welcoming guests, the hotel long sat dormant and was the site of break ins and alleged paranormal sightings. With the hotel [...]

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Poasttown Elementary School


Poasttown Elementary School was built in the 1930s and served as a place of education until the year 2000. It’s a building in rural Ohio that is now known more for the sightings of apparitions and spirits within its walls than it is for exams and PTA meetings. The reasons behind those hauntings could [...]

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August 2022

The Slippery Noodle


As Indianapolis' longest-running bar, the Slippery Noodle is the site of some of the best live Blues music in the country. The bar originally opened its doors in 1850 but has had many names, several owners and plenty of mystery surrounding it since then. It has served as an Inn, a restaurant, a brothel [...]

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St. Augustine


As the nation's oldest city, St. Augustine has a reputation for also being one of its most haunted. In this dive into the history of the city that has been alive for more than 500 years, Phantom History talks to a historian and tour guide who not only tells the fabled history of this [...]

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