As I continue on this journey that is Phantom History, I’ve found that there is a network of individuals who are all passionate about history and sharing the stories of those who are no longer among us, at least in the physical sense.

While I enjoy story telling, I’m finding that sharing these stories through interviews is an incredibly effective way to sort fact from fiction and to avoid hearsay. That’s not to say, of course, that storytelling won’t still be a big part of Phantom History. But hearing directly from the experts who live and work in this field has been incredibly fascinating and humbling.

Today I am interviewing a gentleman who specializes in Electronic Voice Phenomena. EVP, as it’s called, is the recording of voices from somewhere other than the realm we call reality. Some say voices from those in the afterlife can be caught digitally, as long as we know what to listen for. I plan to use his expertise in several upcoming episodes and we are conducting the interview in Phillipe Park in Pinellas County, which just so happens to be the site of an ancient Native American burial mound.

That episode is coming soon. I’m excited for the final product and, as always, am always looking for feedback and other ideas.

And remember, everywhere you’ve been, and everywhere you’ve looked, someone has been there before. I plan to meet some of them during my upcoming interviews.

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