Hip To Be Square

Huey Lewis and the News is one of my favorite bands.  I love the tuneful melodies, great vocal harmonies, and classic rock and roll feel.  In fact, I’ve often thought that this is the band I would point to as my favorite example of rock music!

Recently, while on the treadmill at the gym, I heard the song “Hip to be Square.”  I’m one of those people who prefers to work out without wearing headphones, so I’m at the mercy of the station they are playing that day.  “Hip to be Square” is one of my favorite Huey Lewis songs and it was great to hear it again.

It was not lost on me that I was hearing the song and its message while at the gym.  I was surrounded by people who had made the decision that it was worth the trouble to get some exercise and take care of their health.  It also happened to be a Saturday afternoon, but I was taking the time to stay in shape and move my body.

The older I get, the more I appreciate living a healthy lifestyle.  I always feel better if I eat healthy foods, get exercise, get adequate rest, drink plenty of water, and plan for time to take care of myself.  We all know this  recipe for a happy life, but it’s easy to take shortcuts or get too busy to really accomplish all of this.

There was a time when I ate a lot of fast food, and I felt lousy because of it.  When I finally learned to plan ahead and stock my fridge with healthy foods, then it was easy to eat much healthier and feel much better.  If the cookies are not in the house, I can’t eat them!

I encourage you to schedule the time for exercise on your calendar.  The same with rest time, play time, or time with your family.  If you’re struggling to find time, put it on your calendar and set alarms on your phone.  Let your phone remind you it’s “Time to stop and have a snack!”

Also be aware of the people around you.  Those we spend time with really do influence our choices.  If you want to be positive and successful and healthy, surround yourself with people with these same goals and who are living the kind of life you aspire to.  You can find these people at the gym, volunteering, out on a walk, or in many other ways.  Start to pay attention to the lifestyle and attitude of those you spend time with!

Not everyone appreciates the benefits of a healthy, balanced lifestyle, but it’s “Hip to be Square.”  You can spend your day dragging along while stressed out, or you can create a life habit where you have energy and feel rested with less stress.  It takes work and planning and some discipline, but it’s certainly worth it!

Take time tonight to plan tomorrow’s meals, get to bed a little earlier, and take a few minutes to do something that makes you happy.  And maybe turn on some Huey Lewis and the News on your drive tomorrow!

Tim Hinton

March 31, 2024

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