Getting Ready

I’ve always loved getting ready for things.  I love the planning, setting up the room, making sure things are nice and ready for the event that’s about to happen.

Here at our new Bed and Breakfast, Phantom History House, I love getting ready for guests.  I love making sure the house is clean and in order.  I love making the beds and setting up the towels and toiletries in the bathroom.  Our goal is for every guest to walk through the house and see their room and notice the attention and care that went into preparing it for them.  We want them to feel comfortable and luxurious and special.

My favorite part of any marching activity is that moment just before the show starts.  I love when the field or floor is being set up, equipment laid out, props put in place.  I love wondering what this show will be, how the costumes and colors and environment will yield a wonderful performance.

And I love wondering how the group will be on this day!  As an instructor, one does all one can to prepare their students and give them an effective show, but then it’s in their hands to bring it to life and give us a thrilling and moving experience.  Though it can be stressful, it’s also exciting to see how the group will perform that day.

I love being in a theater and knowing that a show is about to begin.  You can feel the electricity and excitement all around you.  I’ll never forget the energy in the theater just before seeing Bette Midler in “Hello Dolly” in NYC!  Unlike anything I’ve ever experienced!

In all of these situations, it’s the moment of endless possibility that I find exciting.

What will the guests be like?  Will they love the house and feel comfortable?  Will they be fun to talk with?
What will this show be about?  Will I have that moment where I’m reminded how much I love the marching activity or the theater?

I encourage you to embrace the getting ready part of life.  If you move forward with intention, you’re more likely to end up where you want to go!  And make yourself ready for the great things that are coming.  Do your part in continuing to grow and learn and set the stage for the manifestations of your desires.  This is exciting stuff to get ready for!

Tim Hinton

March 3, 2024

Photograph: Franklin HS Winter Guard 2020 (at the Atlanta Regional) SEE INTERVIEW!

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