The devil really is in the details, and I love them!  One of the comments we get all the time at our Bed & Breakfast, Phantom History House, is about our diligent attention to detail all throughout the house.  People delight in noticing coffin-shaped light switches or the right unique object sitting next to a certain book on the shelf.  We hear this all the time!

We’ve recently made our B&B available as a wedding venue and I naturally fell into the role of coordinating the details with the wedding planner and wedding party.  As I was getting to know the wedding planner and was telling her about my career as a music arranger and drill designer, she spontaneously noted “Well, THAT’S why you’re so great with details!”

This hit me like a thunderbolt!  It turns out that years of agonizing over every detail of a drill I was writing for a marching band had prepared me perfectly for this work!  I’ve spent years charting the movements of all the performers during a halftime show, figuring out seamless transitions of equipment, and keeping  track of performers and concepts over time as I write.  All of these made me someone who cared about the smallest of details, and now people find great joy in this at our B&B.  And our wedding planner loves me for it!

So the next time I walk through the house preparing for guests, I might actually notice that I’m moving an object a half inch to the left, or picking up a tiny scrap of dirt from the floor.  Every bottle on our potion wall (pictured) has been carefully chosen and placed, and each object added to the house corresponds to the room it’s in or the book it’s near.  People respond to this attention to detail at our B&B, and they’ll notice it in your work as well.

A friend noted one time that when he was judging marching bands, it was clear which group would come out on top because “they had all the details.”   Each horns down, visual accent, or musical dynamic was detailed and well-thought out.  This will set you apart!  Don’t overlook the details, no matter what kind of work you do.  People WILL notice!

Tim Hinton

June 8, 2024

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