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March 2023

Phelan Paranormal Investigates Tatum House


Tiffany and Ryan of Phelan Paranomral discuss their investigation of Tatum House in Sarasota County and share what they say proves the building is haunted by its previous residents. The pair also discuss their investigating techniques and offer up a few bits of evidence from another investigation at the Heard Opera House in Arcadia, Florida.

Phelan Paranormal Investigates Tatum House2023-03-02T00:11:42-05:00

February 2023

Silent Slayer Tours Shares Investigation Insight at Andrews Memorial Chapel


Cynthia and Vic of Silent Slayer Tours provided some unique insight into their investigation at Andrews Memorial Chapel. They explained their techniques, talked about their first encounters with spirits and offered some of their own insight into who, or what, may be haunting the Dunedin, Fla, chapel built in 1888.

Silent Slayer Tours Shares Investigation Insight at Andrews Memorial Chapel2023-02-09T21:50:53-05:00

Jessica’s Paranormal Encounters at Andrews Memorial Chapel


Jessica Nelson has assisted clients who want a memorial event at the Andrews Memorial Chapel for the past decade. In that time, Jessica has experienced her fair share of paranormal experiences and also has unique perspective on the history of the historic building. Listen to the full conversation, which also includes Jessica's story of her [...]

Jessica’s Paranormal Encounters at Andrews Memorial Chapel2023-02-03T16:08:39-05:00

January 2023

Full Interview with Indiana Lost Souls


The women of Indiana Lost Souls have done their fair share of investigations. When asked about their favorite haunts, they were quick to point to Randolph Asylum. The historic mental institution in Indiana has an interesting history that involves murder, suicide and stories of struggle and survival. These women know the history intimately and say [...]

Full Interview with Indiana Lost Souls2023-01-19T23:57:40-05:00

November 2022

Thanks for hanging in there!


Hello, and thanks so much for hanging in as a Patreon supporter. I know it has been a litttle while since I posted something, but I have a good reason for that.I am about to launch a whole new project that is a companion to the podcast and I hope you'll be as excited about [...]

Thanks for hanging in there!2022-11-17T19:30:03-05:00

October 2022

Bob Langford shares the Hacienda’s history


Historian Bob Langford is largely responsible for saving the Hacienda Hotel in New Port Richey. As president of Friends of the Hacienda, he has helped raised thousands of dollars to save the historic landmark in New Port Richey, Florida. While he is familiar with the history, he is learning that there is more to the [...]

Bob Langford shares the Hacienda’s history2022-10-05T16:54:28-04:00

September 2022

Poasttown Elementary School Investigation with Professional Paranormal Investigations


Steve Hodgson and Elvin Potter have investigated Poasttown Elementary School in rural Ohio more than a dozen times. They've been in the 1930s building so often that they know what spirits reside in which parts of the sprawling complex. In this interview, which was used to put together the Season 3, Episode 7 of Phantom [...]

Poasttown Elementary School Investigation with Professional Paranormal Investigations2022-10-05T16:53:43-04:00

What’s haunting the House of Refuge?


The House of Refuge on the Atlantic Coast of Florida used to be a safe harbor for shipwreck survivors off the rocky shores. Today its a museum honoring those survivors and those lost at sea, as well as the keepers of the house and their families that provided the service to seafarers.Michael Phillips and Brian [...]

What’s haunting the House of Refuge?2022-09-07T12:53:41-04:00

August 2022

The Slippery Noodle Inn: Full interview


Nicole and Michael Kobrowski have investigated Indianapolis' oldest bar multiple times, but it was one particular investigation on Easter Sunday that seemed to produce the most evidence of paranormal activity in the building originally constructed in 1850. In this full interview, hear the details about that investigation and what these two paranormal investigators, tour guides, [...]

The Slippery Noodle Inn: Full interview2022-08-31T19:59:23-04:00

A trip through haunted St. Augustine


St. Augustine is the oldest city in the nation, and because of that, many consider it the most haunted. In this full interview with ghost tour guide and local historian Sandra Barbour, Steve learns about some of the more recognizable spirits that still wander the streets of this historic town and hears about Sandra's own [...]

A trip through haunted St. Augustine2022-08-31T20:04:55-04:00


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