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June 2019

The Don Vicente Hotel – Ybor City


The Don Vicente Hotel was a beautiful boutique hotel build on the former site of a medical clinic that many say is extremely haunted.   Listen on YouTube View Patreon Exclusive Content Podcast Excerpt Bonus Content Excerpt The Inspiration Behind The Episode DON VICENTE HOTEL In [...]

The Don Vicente Hotel – Ybor City2022-06-21T20:19:25-04:00

The Vinoy Resort – St. Petersburg


For nearly a century the Vinoy Resort and Golf Club has overlooked the shores of Tampa Bay in downtown St. Petersburg. But shortly after it began accepting guests from all over the world, the resort has been home to "The Lady in White." She's seen throughout the massive building, and she may not be alone. [...]

The Vinoy Resort – St. Petersburg2022-06-21T20:19:47-04:00

The Spirits of Philippe Park


The peaceful, waterfront Philippe Park just north of St. Petersburg, Florida is home to a massive temple mound placed there centuries ago by a native American tribe called the Tocobaga. That mound, many believe, maintains the heavy spiritual activity that so many report. Phantom History takes a dive into the history of the park and [...]

The Spirits of Philippe Park2022-06-21T20:20:27-04:00

Living on an Indian burial ground, Part 2


Years after he moved out of the childhood home where he would see doors open on their own, hear footsteps on the second floor and see glowing eyes in the basement, John moved into his own home within the city limits. It didn't take him long to discover, however, that another spirit had already staked [...]

Living on an Indian burial ground, Part 22022-06-21T20:20:45-04:00

May 2019

Living on an Indian Burial Ground, Part 1


As a child growing up in Ohio, John lived in a rural area with his parents and siblings. But at a young age, he knew there were others living among his family. Strange sounds, opening doors and even a pair of glowing eyes all convinced him that his family wasn't alone. When it was discovered [...]

Living on an Indian Burial Ground, Part 12022-06-21T20:20:56-04:00

Fort Brooke Parking Garage


Today, a large, 10-story parking garage comfortably stores more than 2,000 vehicles each day. But when the structure was under construction in 1980, crews discovered the remains of hundreds of forgotten bodies. Today, many say it's the spirits of those who were uncovered that haunt the structure at all hours of the day. We dive [...]

Fort Brooke Parking Garage2022-06-21T20:21:25-04:00

Tampa’s Firebug


More than 100 years after he was executed, the man many referred to as simply, "the Killer," may still roam the streets.   Listen on YouTube View Patreon Exclusive Content Podcast Excerpt Bonus Content Excerpt The Inspiration Behind The Episode TAMPA’S FIREBUG When I was a [...]

Tampa’s Firebug2022-06-21T20:22:00-04:00



Introducing, Phantom History Learn a little bit about the passion behind this podcast and the format you can expect to hear on each new episode released each Monday. Sometimes someone, or something, still lingers from the past and it's up to us to research and learn the stories that need to be told. This introduction [...]


April 2019

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