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June 2022

Welcome to Phantom History


Hauntings can occur anywhere, from cemeteries to modern-day structures. Through storytelling and interviews with experts, it is the goal of this podcast to share the stories behind those hauntings and uncover the truth about the lives and legacies of those who came before us, and those who somehow still remain. Soon, podcasts, photos and [...]

Welcome to Phantom History2022-06-06T04:09:21-04:00

Interviewing the investigators


As I continue on this journey that is Phantom History, I've found that there is a network of individuals who are all passionate about history and sharing the stories of those who are no longer among us, at least in the physical sense. While I enjoy story telling, I'm finding that sharing these stories [...]

Interviewing the investigators2022-06-06T04:02:11-04:00

September 2020

The Henry Plant Museum


Before it was a museum dedicated to the railroad magnate and a part of the massive University of Tampa campus, the building that houses relics of Tampa's past was the largest hotel in the area, serving the elite of America's Northeast during the winter months. Some of those visitors from the past are said [...]

The Henry Plant Museum2022-06-21T19:44:15-04:00

July 2020

St. Augustine Lighthouse


The current St. Augustine Lighthouse has stood on Anastasia Island since the 1870s, but there was a lighthouse prior to the current structure that eventually fell into the Atlantic Ocean. For centuries, Florida's oldest city has had some kind of light tower and those that lived and worked on the grounds are said to [...]

St. Augustine Lighthouse2022-06-21T20:15:48-04:00

June 2020

House of Refuge


In the 1870s, the United States Government commissioned 10 structures to serve as safe havens for shipwreck survivors along Florida's Atlantic Coast. Today, only one of those buildings still stands and now serves as a museum. But the Keepers of the Martin County House of Refuge aren't certain that they are alone in the [...]

House of Refuge2022-09-07T15:11:56-04:00

May 2020

The Lemp Mansion


A historic restaurant and inn in South St. Louis, Missouri was once the home of an iconic family known for bringing lager beer to the Midwest. But the Lemp family's home, while iconic and beautiful, has a tragic past. Four members of the family committed suicide and a mysterious "missing" family member is said [...]

The Lemp Mansion2022-06-29T20:53:36-04:00

Yesteryear Village


On the South Florida Fairgrounds sets a village that transports visitors back in time. A collection of relocated and reassembled buildings make up Yesteryear Village, offering a glimpse of what life looked like prior to 1940. But it may not only be the buildings that were transported to this outdoor history museum. Stories of [...]

Yesteryear Village2022-06-21T20:16:58-04:00

September 2019

The Tampa Theatre – Part 2


For more than nine decades the Tampa Theatre has operated non-stop, meaning the ornate downtown theater has seen more than its fare share of patrons. But theater marketing director Jill Watecki and Jeremy Reddig of Genesis Paranormal Services is convinced some of those patrons and past employees have never left. Part two of this story [...]

The Tampa Theatre – Part 22022-06-21T20:18:04-04:00

August 2019

The Tampa Theatre – Part 1


The Tampa Theatre has been in continuous operation since it first opened its doors in 1926. Since then, countless patrons and employees have walked through its ornate lobby and enjoyed the unique "Atmospheric" architecture within. According to Tampa Theatre Marketing Director Jill Watecki and Genesis Paranormal Services director Jeremy Reddick, some of those patrons and [...]

The Tampa Theatre – Part 12022-06-21T20:18:15-04:00

July 2019

The Stone Soup Company


It was like every other night. Quiet. That was until they heard one sound that at any other time wouldn't spark that much interest. But after 2 a.m., the sound of a solitary key striking the string inside of an old piano would catch anyone off guard. It was especially surprising to both since they [...]

The Stone Soup Company2022-06-21T20:18:36-04:00
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