Everyone has a history. Including me.

I’m Steve Blanchard, and for 16 years I worked in print media and now make my living in the world of Public Relations. I grew up in a suburb of St. Louis but have lived and worked in Florida for nearly 20 years. I enjoy the weather, the people and the incredible history here.

I’ve been an editor, writer, freelancer, public speaker and spokesperson.

Ever since I was young, I had an interest in the paranormal. While I’m not especially sensitive to paranormal experiences, I know people who are and I’ve always envied them for their ability. Now that I’m older, I’ve realized that every paranormal occurrence has a direct tie to a location’s history.

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Steve Blanchard Phantom History Podcast Where the past and paranormal collide Cemetery Intense Look

I’ve decided to begin a new journey with this podcast.

It’s a journey that combines my love of research, history, writing and public speaking with my interest in the paranormal — specifically, ghosts and spirits.

I am by no means an expert in this field, but my fascination with it propels me to learn as much as I can. As I continue to explore this world and the people – both living and deceased – who thrive in it, I plan to keep an open mind and always understand that just because an experience sounds strange or impossible to me, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t.

I hope you take this journey into Phantom History along with me and that we can all learn a little something about history and its affect on the paranormal together.

I’m always open to ideas and suggestions for future podcasts and places to visit that have a tie to history and the people who experienced it. Like I say in the podcast, everywhere we look and everywhere we’ve been, someone has been there before. And I want to be the one to share their stories.

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